Dark Hour Academy: Fetal Movement

An abnormal phenomenon called “Dark Hour” has been occurring at Jinguu Academy. People who are affected by the “Dark Hour” have their rationality knocked out of their grasp, and they are dominated by their carnal desires.

If you try to resist this urge and continue to endure it, you will die. Asada Shin could not believe it at first. However, he was soon confronted with the reality.
He reaffirms his role to save the students in school.

As if to mock Asada, the situation is more serious than he thought. One day, he was called back to the school to help save the school students. He headed for a town he had not been for a while because he lived in the school.

There, he saw a world where people losing their consciousness due to the underworld.

Why did “Dark Hour” spread outside of the school?

Asada was almost crushed by these questions, but the situation pushed him further.

Other names: 冥刻學園 胎動編「お願いします…先生の精液で、私達を孕ませて欲しいんです…♡」/ Meikoku Gakuen Taidou Hen “Onegai Shimasu… Sensei no Seieki de, Watashi-tachi o Haramasete Hoshiin Desu…♡”

Part 1 Blowjob by Students

Part 2 Facial Cumshot for Milf Blowjob

Part 3 Sex with Horny Coworker

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