Release date:2019-08-09
Language:Voice: Japanese
Text: English
Other names:悪役令嬢母娘の下僕になったので孕ませオナホに躾けて破滅ENDを回避する
I Become Servant of Villainous Mother and Daughter, So I Impregnate Them and Train Them to Be My Sex Toys to Avoid My Destructive Ending
Akuyaku Reijou Oyako no Geboku ni Natta no de Haramase Onaho ni Shitsukete Hametsu End o Kaihi Suru
Turn the Villainesses into Impregnation Onaholes to Avert Destruction

Waking up in an Otome Game? Meh, could be worse. Waking up as a servant of the bitchy villainess in an Otome Game? Wicked bummer! Thankfully you’ve cleared this game before and know the story inside and out.

It’s time to avoid a bad end by reforming these stuck up duchesses with something that transcends class and creed, your dick!

As soon as you wake up in the game world you’re greeted by Elizabeth, and her whip! Apparently you being asleep instead of working is a great offense to the spoiled brat, recognizing her as the villain of a game you played you kindly explain to her that her mother’s sinister scheme to set her up with the prince is doomed to fail! Of course, you’re rewarded with a lashing for daring to address her by her first name so casually… so much for diplomacy.

Once you bend Elizabeth over so she can receive your “disciplining” she quickly changes her attitude and is much more cordial. With one problem out of the way you set your sights on her mother, Mirza, the true mastermind of the game. It’s up to you and Elizabeth to hatch a plan to take down her Aristocunt mother and avoid the game’s bad end!

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